Mental Health - @artofbeingahuman

“We are all just human beings trying to navigate through life in our own best way. I used to think anxiety was a foreign concept and I’m such an incredibly blessed person I never really had anything to worry about. Adulthood slowly swept in and my adolescence was fleeting. In 49 days I’ll be removing myself from my comfort zone and moving to another country and I can’t even describe how I feel. But I have to get my mind right. Let your brain prioritize your brain. Mental health is so important we all need to be aware of it and actively improving it so we can optimize our maximum human potential! We are all extraordinary, let’s let our mental feel that way too. This meaningful necklace is a conversation starter and does exactly what is spelled out across the triangle. We need to talk more and be healthy and be a.w.a.r.e of each other.” @artofbeingahuman

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