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“Hi, my name is Adele! I chose the white necklace for mental health awareness and engraved my Dad’s initials JZ on the back. He passed away 3 months ago. My father lived with unaddressed bipolar disorder. His unreliability and boundary invading behaviors led to debilitating anxiety and depression in my life and inadvertently hurt his three other children so much so that two didn’t feel comfortable or ready to attend his funeral. He fought prostate and eye cancer to which he lost an eye, almost two. I personally lost 6 important people in the short time span of two years. I was in so much pain and depression, I questioned whether I should even bother be alive. On February 25th, my Dad passed on, and it all clicked. I saw the person, not the illness. I also saw my own growth because of these experiences. Empowering yourself with mental health education and sharing resources to cope is vital and what I want to share for the rest of my life.“ @azensapien

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