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"Hi, I’m Chloe. I was happy to hear about @awarecauses and purchased a white necklace to support my mental health story. I currently live in Birmingham UK and AWARE’s shipping process was amazing! I think, I’ve battled with Anxiety and Depression my whole life but after a beautiful but rough few years my anxieties and low moods became more visible to me. I’ve looked at medication, been through counseling, CBT and now blogging is my favorite medicine of all. Mental Health is heard about more often and I live around family and friends where they pass it off or say it’s an over used phrase or you need a ‘diagnosis’, my favorite has been “don’t ever say you have that, it’s due to your upbringing.” It’s not an everyday thing all the time, I want people to know that they’ve got this and your symptoms are valid. Your story is valid, you don’t compare yourself. Your journey is yours but please reach out." @burstofcolourx



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