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“Hi my name is James I am from Kent. Depression... Like quicksand, you do not know you're stuck in it usually until its caught you then slowly consumed you. This was how it was for me. I felt the weight of the world on my body. Felt like I was in a room full of people but alone at the bottom of the ocean with the weight of the sea pushing Down on me. Some people like myself are lucky enough to break free from what can feel like and overbearing weight upon your body and mentality. But others need someone to hand them that branch. To help them to break free from the clutches of quicksand. I want to help others do. Just that. To tell themselves that good is never good enough if it can be better And better is never good if it can be best. You can achieve what others believe is impossible. A strong body is only achieved with a strong mind a strong mind is only achieved with and unbreakable spirit. I wear my necklace to openly show my support towards mental health and to hope that it makes me approachable for people to reach out.” @james.botting 

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