Mental Health - @lexnelson14

"My name is Lexi, and I have high-functioning anxiety. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dealt with anxiety one way or another. Whether it was OCD habits, being afraid of the dark, making myself sick if I had to go somewhere without my family, or hurting myself so I could get out of something at school. As an adult, I was finally diagnosed and am on medication. I still have anxiety attacks and many things trigger it, but it is so much better! Having to go to an appointment, someplace new, meeting new people, or even making a phone call, all get me anxious. I get sick, my heart races, I cry, I talk myself out of going places, and sometimes just ignore people, especially those I love. I chose the white necklace to represent mental health. My brother committed suicide last year, so naturally my anxiety became worse. I’ve finally gotten back on my feet and am in a good place mentally. It is now my passion to keep myself in a good place, as well as help others struggling with mental health!" @lexnelson14

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