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"The way I feel can sometimes be an ordeal. The way I think isn't always in sync. The way I act, is counterintuitive in fact. My name is @montielitaa and I am aware. I am aware of the impact that mental illness has on people. I want others to be aware. I want us all to be aware enough that we actually *need* to do something about it. Mental illness is everywhere. More than half of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental disorder in their lifetime. Picture this: Every 5th person you see when you are walking down the street is fighting a deep inner battle. I will display this necklace in honor of those people. My story? A small victory. I caught myself spiraling into mad depression and anxiety after a series of toxic and abusive relationships. I say "caught myself" because I figured out how to take control of the demons that pester me before it was too late. Everyday is a new day, and a chance to be free." @montielitaa

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