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“I was born and raised in Redding, CA, and ever since I was young I’ve struggled with severe depression and anxiety. Throughout the course of my life, countless mood swings onset by mental illness pushed me to chase darkness and solitude. I was bullied when I was little, and that lead to such bad anxiety at school I couldn’t even walk into the cafeteria to eat. I would just sit by the math building and think about why people thought I was so different. These feelings have not gone away, overtime I’ve just learned how to control them better. I used to be really confused of my purpose here, I didn’t understand why my life was important. Through artwork and self care I have regained mental stability and am striving to make changes. One of my main projects is Moody Clothing Co.- I’ve spent the last three years building this brand with the goal to promote healthy living and spread overall love for those with similar struggles. My objective is to spread knowledge and awareness of an issue that may be invisible, but can be completely crippling. I want this world to be a better place- remember, don’t let your mind eat you alive.” @moodyclothingco

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