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“I am currently Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps as a 0811 Cannoneer! I have also started a company @shanthehappybeangirl but it’s WAY more than just coffee! The Happy Bean Project is transitioning to a nonprofit coffee shop! For every 2 bags sold 1 is donated to the homeless shelters and mental health facilities. We will go to these facilities and make coffee for the people along with providing resources and help. We provide resources for people suffering with bipolar, PTSD, depression, anxiety and more. The goal is to save lives. To help prevent suicides and to get people talking about mental health. This is a big reason why I support @awarecauses I personally have been though sexual trauma in my past that has led to extreme moods including depression. That is why I bought the color white neckless. Support this project by buying your coffee bag or happy beanie today at:” @shanthehappybeangirl

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