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“Hi everyone! My name is Kristi & I am from Northeast Ohio. First, I would like to thank Pierson for the opportunity to share my story. I have chosen the purple necklace to represent the migraine community. My very first migraine with aura was when I was 12 years old & I only had episodic migraines until about 2 ½ years ago. Now, my diagnosis is Chronic Intractable Migraine with Aura. This, very basically, means a migraine that generally lasts longer than 3 days & is very difficult to treat. I have been in this state for the last 2 ½ years. While I am in pain everyday, I am functional until I reach about a level 6 on the pain scale. Unfortunately, I am on that higher pain level about 20 days a month. When I am at my worst, the right side of my face & eye will swell & droop, I don’t even look like myself! Pain isn’t the only fun part of this neurological disorder & everyone has their own set of symptoms. My other symptoms generally include; brain fog, tinnitus, vertigo, nausea & vomiting, facial & eye swelling, watery eyes, tingling of my scalp & eye, anxiety, extreme fatigue, blurry vision &/or aura just to name a few. What I would like people to understand is that this ‘migraine beast’ is NOT just a headache, it is a hereditary neurological condition. Let’s speak next to triggers, my specific triggers include MSG, scents (like perfume or exhaust fumes) & my biggest trigger is the barometric pressure & weather changes. The comical thing is, where I live, we can literally experience every season in just one day! I am still adjusting to my new lifestyle & this causes me to go through severe bouts of depression & anxiety. My hope for the future is that my neurologist & I find the right combination of treatments so I can be mainly pain free & more like the old me (I miss the old me)!! Thank you @awarecauses for allowing me to speak my migraine! I would like to say a very special thank you to @rae_of_light_ & @erikareneephoto you ladies are awesome!” @rkbs70

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