Migraines - @mhelmersen

"Hi, I’m Mathilde, a 25-year-old student from Denmark. I’ve suffered from migraine as long as I can remember, but within this past year, I’ve had to deal with it more than ever. It’s one of these invisible conditions that force you to cancel appointments, just to stay inside and avoid any noises because your head feels like it’s about to explode. It’s a mysterious illness that has turned my life upside down. Not just because of the pain I experience, but the fact that I suddenly had to change my way of life. Migraine is more than pain and I’ve spent a lot of time defending and apologizing for my illness. It’s silly because you would not argue why someone wouldn’t climb a mountain with a broken leg. I wear this necklace to remind myself to accept my illness, and because I want to raise awareness that migraine is more than swallowing a pill for the pain. When I started to accept my illness instead of fighting it, I finally stopped feeling guilty – and what a relief. We’re so many people in this world suffering from migraine. We need to talk about migraines and share our experiences to help each other learn and get through this illness. We must feel acceptance instead of guilt." @mhelmersen
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