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"My name is Angela, from Southern California and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. I truly believe I could have been diagnosed with any autoimmune condition, MS just happened to be what I got on the “Spin The Wheel of Disease” board game. I believe it’s a game of chance and we are the victims. We won’t get into who’s at fault for ruining the food supply, but I will tell you, that you have more control than you think. Self control and disciple are hard but disease is harder. Changing my diet to a non-inflammatory diet reversed my skin issues, anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, numbness and tingling, and the list goes on. By a miracle I was meant to heal and be strong enough to do it. The left side of my body doesn’t work so well. I can’t walk far without a limp and I have an action tremor in my left arm. All that and I’m the toughest massage therapist around! I work on athletes up to 6’4 and 250 pounds, which makes the ladies feel like feathers in these tough hands. I told the doctors from the beginning, that my job helps my body. I may not be able to do many hours in a day (to the disappointment of many) but by grace I can do it, and with a fierce passion. Now, I am also meant to heal through telling my story, inspiring others to follow a food protocol that heals and that can, I believe with my whole heart prevent disease in the body. Publishing my book The FLog JournaI was a huge leap of faith! My wish is to help people take control of their health by learning to make good non-inflammatory food choices and practising accountability through food journaling. I know I am healing by small improvements and I have learned to not get discouraged that damage is slow to heal. I will keep fighting. The tremor in my left arm has improved over the years and I feel better than ever. That’s proof for me! I want to sincerely thank AWARE for helping raise awareness, this necklace will be a reminder for me to have compassion and inspire hope! Start your journey with the help of The FLog JournaI, A Six Month Food Journey For Those Who Want To Feel Amazing Everyday!" @theflogjournal

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