Neurofibromatosis - @stronger_than_nf1

My name is Megan I’m from Scotland I have a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis type one (NF1). NF1 is caused by a mutation on the 17th chromosome which causes insufficient tumor suppressor protein (neurofibromin) to be produced. As a result of this tumors can grow anywhere in the nervous system at any time. So far I have been extremely lucky with my NF1 in the fact that I only have about 20-30 small tumors. (That may seem a lot to someone who doesn’t have NF1 but the sad fact is that many people with this disorder are covered in 100s of tumors). My main issues associated with NF1 have been my hyper mobility issues which cause painful joints and my learning disability. It is important to spread awareness for this condition as it’s very easy to for doctors to diagnose but many doctors just are not aware. To spread awareness I created the page nf_problems on Instagram which spreads awareness on NF through light humor. Thanks for reading my story if you have NF or want to learn more about my story follow me on @stronger_than_nf1

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