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"After being a type A, active, on-the-go, homeschooling mother of three and a physical therapist, POTS rocked my whole world. Answers didn’t come easily, and although I lived near a good hospital network in Virginia, it took 4 years to get a diagnosis. No one in the medical community knew what was going on or how to help. Even after learning how to manage my symptoms, grief over all I had lost took me down hard. I felt incredibly alone and no one seemed to understand. POTS is little known and widely misunderstood. After much leading from God, I wrote a book called #ChronicBlessings. I wanted to raise awareness so others wouldn’t have to wait as long as I did to find a diagnosis. I also wanted to provide a resource of mutual understanding for those who were walking the same path I had. I found hope and blessings within this difficult illness and wish I had someone to share similar insights with me when I was first learning to negotiate life with POTS. I choose a white necklace to represent invisible illness because POTS is just the most prominent of several invisible illnesses I deal with. The invisible nature of our illnesses is something that unifies many of us as we navigate a society who doesn’t understand the world in which we live." @maddoxcrist

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