Rare Diseases - @our_invisible_fight

"Hello, I'm from Switzerland. I'm 29 years old and I had to wait until I was 18 to have a reaction for my doctor to say something was wrong. For me, at that time, I only knew the way that I was so I didn't notice anything. It was my mother who was worried and kept asking the doctor. Finally they diagnosed me at the age of 19 with a rare endocrine condition. I have to take daily vital substitution treatments during my whole life. My endocrinologist whose the best in his field doesn't know any other person with this condition. And he often tells me that it's a miracle that I've survived all this years undiagnosed. It took me years to put a name on my condition and to find informations about it. I want to spread awareness about rare diseases because with some conditions, like mine, are dangerous to live undiagnosed! Fortunately I was really lucky and nothing bad has happened to me and I'm really grateful!" @our_invisible_fight

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