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“Hey everyone! My name is Casey & I'm wearing a green aware necklace to shed light, love, and hope on Scoliosis. Since I was very young, I’ve had operations from the top of my head to the bottom of my spine, the latest one at age 13. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 7, along with Chiari and Syringomyelia. I had a syrinx within the middle of my spinal cord, causing my spine to curve. After my diagnoses, I was braced and promptly underwent a cranial decompression to shrink the syrinx in hopes to halt the progression of my scoliosis & it did. But a few years later, my syrinx filled, grew bigger & my spine curved again even more. So, at 10 I underwent a 2nd decompression, but my scoliosis curve was still getting worse. By 12, my spine was a literal “S”, my worst curve being over 110 degrees, causing me shoulder deformities & trouble breathing. Due to how severe the progression of my scoliosis was, I was admitted & spent about 100 days at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where I endured halo traction for 8 weeks, stretching my spine to prepare for spinal fusion surgery. After 8 long weeks with my halo, I finally had my spinal fusion. My spine became titanium. When I awoke from surgery I gained almost 5 inches in height, had to learn to walk again, how to step up stairs, do some serious physical therapy, but I DID it. & I felt invincible and STRONG. If not for the amazing doctors, surgeons and nurses who took such amazing care of me my lungs could’ve collapsed, my heart may have been squished by scoliosis. Now 23, & though it wasn't easy, everything I’ve gone through has made me strong, resilient, positive, & a woman/mom who always perseveres. I want to speak up about Scoliosis. You’re not alone & in a world full of perfect bods & impossible beauty, that’s not reality. I hope you found my story inspiring. Our scars are beautiful! Sending love & light to all, & thanks to awarecauses for the chance to share my story.” @crookedspinelove

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