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"High School Students typically say that they are going to go on a journey. These journeys consist of a future career, hobbies, and etc. My journey had a change in direction with my diagnosis of scoliosis, treatment, and recovery of spinal fusion surgery. I was first diagnosed with scoliosis in middle school. At that time, my spine was at a curvature of 25 degrees. Later, my doctors suggested me to wear a version of the Boston and Milwaukee silicon, plastic back brace. I wore it for almost two years for 20 hours a day. And yes, I had to sleep in it and only take off for sports & showers. Well, the brace didn’t improve my scoliosis at all. I ignored scoliosis for two years and then complained to my doctors about back pain. My curvature went up to 55 degrees. I had spinal fusion surgery in October 2017. The recovery time was supposed to be around 2-3 months but I went back to school and activities on week 2. Yes, there was still some struggles along the way including having to take breaks, being uncomfortable sitting, and also the pain that goes along with spinal surgery. But, I continued to have a positive mindset! Since January of this year (2019), I have been having various troubles with my scoliosis. I have been experiencing back pain to point I barely sleep (only 4/5 hours each night only). Also, it has become difficult for me to stand or participate in activities for more than 30 minutes. But, I'm slowly learning how to manage it with physical therapy. I'm excited to say I'm almost two years post operation from my spinal fusion surgery. Scoliosis is a part of me. I am scoliosis. I have also experienced the struggle with dealing with the side effects bullying, low self-esteem, confidence issues, and severe anxiety. I believe that mental health is tied into everyone's own journey. I created @scoliosishacks to be an advocate for others, anyone’s support system where can be understood no matter of their own journey, and to have a community of warriors.  I'm here for you & I got your back!" @scoliosishacks

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