Self Harm - @shay.hawes

“Hi, my name is Shay and I’m almost 17 :) i began my struggle with self-harm when i was 12 years old. it wasn’t until i was 14 that it became really bad, and I started having suicidal thoughts. This lasted until i was 15. with the help of amazing family and friends and counseling, i’m so grateful to have made it to the other side! i wear yellow for suicide prevention, because suicide is one of the only leading causes of death that is 100%preventable. suicide touches us all; whether we’ve struggled ourselves, lost a loved one, or someone close to us has struggled, it’s a very real every day battle and it is going to take all of our voices to create a world without suicide. thank you AWARE causes for making a necklace that brings awareness to this topic! September may be suicide prevention month but this necklace reminds me that suicide prevention truly is a way to act and remember EVERYDAY!” @shay.hawes

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