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"Hi my name is Raichel and I'm from California. I'm wearing yellow to represent suicide prevention. My dad completed suicide on April 19, 2013. I am his only child and he raised me as a single father from birth. He worked hard in the construction field, but was kind and gentle- always looking out for others' well being. His light shined bright enough on the outside that nobody could see struggle and pain on the inside. Abused a child, he went undiagnosed with his depression. Due to the heavy stigma on mental illnesses he didn't reach out for help- not wanting to be seen as weak or less of a man. We can prevent suicide by lifting this stigma. By raising awareness, and not being shunned or silenced- more people could be willing to reach out for help. I choose to wear the yellow AWARE necklace to help others by sharing my story, and not staying silent."  @raichelvierra
"My name is Megan, I am 39 years old and live in Minneapolis, MN.  
I have delt with anxiety and depression most of my life.  My parents divorced when I was 12 and have been in and out of counseling and on and off meds since. I would have suicidal thoughts from time to time, but thought I would never act on them. Until one day in 2015 I decided I didn't want to live in this world anymore. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and couldn't take it anymore. I overdosed on sleeping pills and alcohol in a casino hotel, so my mom wouldn't find me. I spent over 2 weeks in the hospital. It has been a trying journey, bit I am slowly but surely finding myself again. Depression runs in my family. My father has a history of being suicidal, and just this March my brother killed himself the day before his 16th birthday. I now feel the reason I am still here is to speak out to others who may be suffering as I did. You are not alone. Reaching out for help is the first step in healing/recovering. Please take to someone, anyone."  @mkortemeier

"Hi, my name is Shay and I’m almost 17. I began my struggle with self-harm when i was 12 years old. it wasn’t until i was 14 that it became really bad, and I started having suicidal thoughts. This lasted until i was 15. With the help of amazing family and friends and counseling, I’m so grateful to have made it to the other side! i wear yellow for suicide prevention, because suicide is one of the only leading causes of death that is 100%preventable. Suicide touches us all; whether we’ve struggled ourselves, lost a loved one, or someone close to us has struggled, it’s a very real every day battle and it is going to take all of our voices to create a world without suicide. thank you AWARE causes for making a necklace that brings awareness to this topic! September may be suicide prevention month but this necklace reminds me that suicide prevention truly is a way to act and remember EVERYDAY." @shay.hawes


“Suicide. What is enough? Death is not the answer. I survived a severe suicide attempt, I spent 9 days in ICU, waiting to die. I overdosed and suffered an acute liver failure. Doctors initially gave me two days to live. I understand our pain cannot be measured, during my life many traumatic incidents defined me. My Father killed himself when I was 3 years old, causing the ripple effect. I was molested by a man, changed schools 7 times, shaking my foundations for relationships. I could never truly build a friendship. I was ridiculed and exiled by family and friends as I chose to fall in love with a man of color. Now a victim of racism, causing my heart to harden and my insecurities to grow. Feeling like I do not belong anywhere.I saw poverty at a new intense level, I used my minimum wage to travel to work by taxi and pursued an internship that provided me with the opportunity to complete my studies at University. I was an 18-year-old girl trying to climb the corporate ladder in one of the toughest industries of the world, Hospitality. I became compromised to my conditions, flourishing in a successful career but lacked the ability to apply the same value I do in Corporate to myself. I ended up in abusive relationships, where my nose was broken, my lower vertebrae fractured, right up until the point of anorexia, and self-medication where I fell into the clutches of addiction. The pain became so intense inside of me that I had to escape, I needed to get out of this body, it was physically starting to hurt me. My awareness today, is a walk of true “virtual” friendship. This is my real Facebook, no filter, or enhancements. It is my opportunity to write about a promise to each and every one of us, for I have seen it. This is not a self-help story guide. I believe in miracles, given by the name of Jesus Christ. This is a story, of the heart of a woman. Sometimes it was hard to be her, so I only advertised her best parts. Most importantly my story is about accountability for my everyday actions, regardless of my circumstances. It is transformation, learn to take control of your mind. SPEAK, do not choose death.” @veronica_brits_cpt


“I wear the yellow necklace to show my strength and power from coming back from suicide attempts. I’ve been struggling for a while, once I started college things became a whirlwind of all types of emotions. I’ve been hospitalized 7 times and am not ashamed, it helped me stay alive and that’s what’s important. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder and ran myself into a race for death. The less I ate I thought the better I was doing. But it was killing me in the inside. I now have grown stronger and am still fighting to be happy. I carved the word stupid into my arm because that’s how I sometimes feel. I might be doing well in college but I always feel like I could do better. I am 2 weeks free of self harming and try to always make it one day longer. I will feel defeated some days, but I will try to grow. Social anxiety has pushed me to my limits. When I was younger I only talked to my family not anyone else. It became a problem in school. I still have anxiety about talking and looking at people but I have made progress in these areas. Sure I wish I didn’t have social phobia, depression, and an eating disorder but that’s life. You have to take what’s thrown at you and try to work with it. I hope everyone can adapt to new environments and learn to love themselves (easier said than done). This is a poem I wrote: Before I go to bed I turn the light on in my closet. When I was young my dad would look for monsters. Truthfully, there never were any when he looked. The monsters came later. They tip toed in without my dad noticing. For if he knew he’d still check my closet. The monsters are loud, and tormenting me through the night. I never sleep soundly, for I’m afraid they’ll hurt me. When the morning wake I turn off the light and start the day. The monsters don’t go away though, they walk beside me. There was never any monsters in my closet when my dad checked. That’s because they stay lingering on my back.” @skyeblue68

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