Suicide Prevention - @raichelvierra

"Hi my name is Raichel and I'm from California. I'm wearing yellow to represent suicide prevention. My dad completed suicide on April 19, 2013. I am his only child and he raised me as a single father from birth. He worked hard in the construction field, but was kind and gentle- always looking out for others' well being. His light shined bright enough on the outside that nobody could see struggle and pain on the inside. Abused a child, he went undiagnosed with his depression. Due to the heavy stigma on mental illnesses he didn't reach out for help- not wanting to be seen as weak or less of a man. We can prevent suicide by lifting this stigma. By raising awareness, and not being shunned or silenced- more people could be willing to reach out for help. I choose to wear the yellow AWARE necklace to help others by sharing my story, and not staying silent." @raichelvierra

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