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"My sister and I were born very close to each other, only 1 year and 12 days apart. 7 days later, I was rushed to the hospital because I had stopped breathing. That was when they discovered I had Hypothyroidism. Not really knowing what it meant, I feel like I lived a pretty normal life other than doctor appointments and blood tests. I never had issues keeping up and even skipped grade 2. I didn't know really what it was, other than I just had to take a pill everyday. Though I didn't know anyone else who had it so I always secretly wondered what was wrong with me, I still lived a relatively normal life. High school was when I finally started to feel the true effects of hypothyroidism. I suffered from depression, anxiety and extreme bouts of anger and was diagnosed with BPD. My hormones were a mess. When I started studying holistic nutrition, I looked up 'natural thyroid hormones' and discovered a whole new treatment that pulled me down a rabbit hole of healing, empowerment and balance. A doctor I was working with at the time gave me a book about iodine which has been a godsend for me! Ever since then I've been (mostly) thriving. Thyroid disease has become an epidemic. In 1991, 1 in 10,000 babies were born with Hypothyroidism. That number had increased to 1 in 3,000. 1 in 4 people are estimated to have thyroid disease in the US. Synthroid being the most prescribed medication. I created @jmswellness to help people who have this disease feel less alone, less crazy and to give them hope, inspiration and simple tips to help them thrive. I study as much as I can about thyroid related health and hope to one day get off medication, but until then, this disease never has and never will hold me back.” @jmswellness

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