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“My name’s Danny and May 15 is Vascular Birthmark Awareness day. This is a vascular birthmark. It’s not contagious. We can swim in the same swimming pool. And my mom didn’t do drugs when she was pregnant with me this is just how I was born. Portwinestains, hemangiomas, sturgeweber syndrome, klippel trenaunay, these vascular conditions are more than skin deep. They can cause: Port-wine stain (more common on the upper face and eye-lid than the rest of the body), Seizures, Paralysis or weakness on one side, Learning disabilities, Glaucoma (very high fluid pressure in the eye), Low thyroid (hypothyroidism) If you search Instagram you'll find birthmarks with moles, some smooth, some hairy, some dark some light. They are as diverse as the people they live on. No matter what kind of birthmark or disease you have. Live. Live you're life in pursuit of happiness and be kind to all. Resist the urge to stare rudely at someone who looks different and instead say hello. Or if you are curious, ask about it politely.” @dannypws_fit

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Thanks for sharing your from Ghana and just had my son 4 weeks ago.he has the exact birth mark as yours.See you and hearing your story gives me hope.Thank you


I have been compiling a file of PWS people’s portraits and photos of 666 tattoos for a future attempt at teaching the local fundamentalist liars that we PWS people do not have the “mark of the Beast”.

Concurrently, I’ve been working on identity theft litigation against someone stupid enough to try and steal from a woman with a left arm identity mark nearly as large as yours.

My “Beast Not Beast” file has been electronically burglarized from my computer. If anyone switches out the photos in an attempt to slander all of us, please let me know. Thanks—Angie

Margaret Angela Thomas

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